1947 Servi-Cycle Motorcycle
1947 Servi-Cycle Motorcycle
1947 Servi-Cycle Motorcycle


The Servi-Cycle was the dream of a very successful Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer in Baton Rouge, La., Paul Treen. He approached Harley Davidson with the concept of a very inexpensive cross over motorized bicycle. Harley Davidson brass passed on the concept. Mr Treen, always and inventor, motorcycle racer and HD dealer, decided to manufacture and sell his dream with the help of some investors.

In 1935, the first Servi-Cycle were coming off the production line in his plant in New Orleans, La.

Of course there were changes and improvement along the way but the concept remained the same. This lightweight motorbike could go 100 miles on a gallon of gas. It used a one cylinder 125 cc 2 stroker motor, signed by Paul, which put out a whopping 2 hp which could propel it up to 30 to 35 mph. It weighed a very easy to manage 135 lbs and best of all it sold for $137.50 which was less than half that of same era motorcycles. In 1952 The company changed the name to Simplex and continued manufacturing until the early 1960's.

This 1947 version was purchased by the current owner's father when he was 17 ears old. It remained in the family and was restored to this beautiful condition about 10 years ago.

1947 Servi-Cycle Motorcycle

  • Year Built: 1947
  • Vehicle Type: Motorcycle
  • Built By: Servi-Cycle
  • Engine: Single cylinder, 125 cc 2 stroke, 2 h.p.
  • Owner: On loan from Doug Rion