Singer Nine Roadster
Singer Nine Roadster
Singer Nine Roadster
Singer Nine Roadster
Singer Nine Roadster


The Singer Company was founded in 1874 by George Singer as a manufacturer of fine bicycles. From there it transitioned to motorcycle manufacturing and in 1908 to building automobiles. By 1929 it had become the third most popular automobile manufacturer in England.

Jumping ahead to post WWII, Singer started producing the Nine Roadster with export to the U.S. plus Australia and New Zealand. 13,000 of these vehicles were exported.

The U.S. market was flooded with MGs beginning in the late 19440's with the MG TC and later with the TD model. The Singer looked somewhat similar but had more horsepower and was lighter and faster as it used aluminum vs steel for the body and weighed in at 2,200 pounds. Even though it outperformed its' British cousin, it was never marketed as well and eventually, after several years of poor planning and red ink, was purchased by the Rootes Group in 1955.

This vehicle is currently not on display.

1953 Singer Roadster

  • Year Built: 1953
  • Vehicle Type: Nine Roadster, 4 Passenger
  • Built By: Singer Motors, Ltd, Coventry, England
  • Suspension: Solid Rear Housing with SAemi Elliptic Springs, Independent Fr Suspension Utillzing Coil Springs
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder, Single Overhead Cam, 91.4 ci, 58 hp
  • Owner: Woodland Family Collection