Kara Hendrick's 1/4 Midget Race Car
Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick


You're looking at a beautifully restored replica of an early 1980's Fast Track Quarter Midget driven by the late Kara Hendrick of Chino, CA during a West Coast QMA campaign in her early teenage years.

This car was meticulously built and generously donated to the Kara Hendrick Foundation by Steve LeGras of Visalia, CA, to be raffled off during the annual Kara Hendrick Memorial Race, which was in conjunction with the California Monza, which was also the final race event to be held at the Orange Show Quarter Midget Racing Association track located in San Bernardino, CA on August 12-14, 2022.

The lucky winner of this gorgeous piece of history was Tom Baird of Oregon, who's winning ticket was pulled on his birthday on August 13th. Knowing how special Kara was to the racing community, Tom decided that this little race car needed to be placed in a museum for all of us to admire in Kara's honor.

Tom Baird also knew Kara's mother, Renee. Unfortunately, Tom is in extremely poor health but he wanted to see his car in a museum where it would be appreciated by many. With this in mind, Tom insisted on having his son, Tom Jr., drive him from Portland to Paso Robles in order for him to personally donate his car to the Woodland Auto Display. Arrangements were made to meet up early October 16th. Pictured above, in addition to the car, is Dick Woodland receiving the 1/4 Midget from Tom Baird, Sr.; Tom Jr, & Tom Sr.; and Renee Hendrick, Kara's mother, with Tom Baird, Sr.

One Quarter Midget Chassis 

  • Year Built: Early 1980's
  • Vehicle Type: 1/4 Midget Car
  • Built By: Replica Built By Steve LeGras 
  • Suspension:
  • Engine: 4-cylinder  
  • Owner: Tom Baird, Sr.