PJJones Midget
PJ Jones Midget


PJ earned SAC West Coast Rookie of the Year honors with the #21 Midget in 1986. Smokey Alleman was his crew chief. PJ had graduated from Go-Karts to Midgets and continued to progress through Sprint Cars to Indy Cars, Stock Cars, IMSA GT Sports Cars and finally to Off Road racing. He was very competitive in each type of racing.

This #21 Midget was shipped to Australia and New Zealand in 1988. (Their racing season is during our winter months.) One of the major annual Midget races takes place in Aukland, New Zealand. PJ's victory sticker is affixed to the fuel tank of his car.

PJ Jones is brother to Page Jones, sons of racing legend Parnelli Jones.

PJ Jones Midget

  • Year Built:
  • Vehicle Type: Challenger Race Car
  • Built By:
  • Suspension:
  • Engine: 4 cylinder,122 cu inch Cosworth, DOHC, alcohol fuel, approx. 300 hp
  • Owner: PJ Jones